A. Finance

All these are funded by bridging loan financing with special arrangement with The Adrianus No? Center (ANC). The school was originally named after the Center and was to be inaugurated as The Adrianus No? Memorial School when a bunch of local inhabitants came and protested against the use of this name solely because it was a Dutch name and was believed to sound colonial if not have religious connotation. Under frantical circumstances in attempt to find some other name, it was finally decided to use simply the name of the legal institution. Hence, the school is inaugurated as ?Sekolah Tunas Indonesia? and later ?a Member of Adrianus No? Center? was inserted.

For the schools-financing in general, this school no exception believed that it must be funded by the school fee-income. It is expected that in the second year, the school would have endowment certificates. With continued turnover of existing students and increased enrolment of future students, this source of income after deducted by costs and expenses, the balance would be gradually returned to The Adrianus No? Center and used for other social purposes.

B. Management-Based School

STI is operated as a Management-Based School, which relies on a larger Teamwork organization, called the Management. It means that the school does not just rely and depend on one individual, with an ambition of pursuing a one-man-show only, because this is very dangerous to the sustainability of the school, both in terms of human responsibility and financial responsibility. By managing in terms of Management-Based School or School-Based Management, regardless of the term, STI is a school establishment operated by a Teamwork Management which is responsible in implementing contemporary operational management system, which generally unknown in the conventional schools. Dependence on the one-hand authority in running the daily operations is impossible in the STI.

C. Contemporary Management System

STI Management implements accountable Organization Culture and sometimes is forced to use a trimming action whenever an appealing action is considered failed to be implemented. However, by implementing a Management-Based School pattern, it is expected that the performance of STI environment will not get out of control. In this case, Management will refer to the Organizations Culture that employs Contemporary Management system. STI will not let the school managed by the conventional feudal system that just relies on the existing routines that has lasted for decades. STI has a responsive vision to the development of regional conventions such as the Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA). Therefore, high creativity is certainly necessary.

D. Broad Perspective Education

Everything is done by the STI as an educational institution for its mission to prepare the pupils in order to have the skills necessary to compete for job opportunities at the global or at least regional level. This mission became one of the reasons that encourage STI Management to issue a policy of Broad-Based-Education (BBE), an educational model that refers to the broad perspective associated with the development of globalization, of which one of them and in due course was the implementation of various training on Life skills (skill in living) programs, using an interactive computer system in teaching and learning process, other quality improvement and adequate use English language as the language of communication .

E. Task Force

In the way of its operations, the founders of STI did not believe in the appointment of sole authority because it could result in dependence on an individual only. A principal was given responsibility to only focus on the matters of teaching and learning process. Despite that, there should be a solid Teamwork (Task Force), which absorbs the aspirations of contemporary education, digests it, establishes a variety of related networks, connects them and interacts with the external network from time to time. The teamwork itself comprises of professionals from various disciplines who really practitioners of each field and not just sitting on their degree.

By only relying on such concepts above, the STI will be able to deliver new and fresh innovations in school education and not only referring to the one or two persons thoughts alone. In recruiting and maintaining relationship with human resource educators, including the Principal, STI follows natural selection, i.e., after the formal qualifications are met, the candidates were obliged to prove their practical qualifications. In a moral environment, honesty is a top priority in STI because the Management does not believe and can not let students taught by educators who are less honest.

Periodically and randomly, the Management deploys other representatives of indirectly in the same field as the supervisor who will assess the course of implementation. By this method, it is expected that the supervisors could put a clear and unbiased perspective to a problem.
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